Developer Program

Interested in pushing the boundaries of our realities? Join ARKH’s Developers Program. We’re accepting applicants!

What is the program?

ARKH’s Developer Program aims to bring in people interested in working with ARKH to create fun and interesting AR experiences for our users to enjoy within our app! We hope to allow developers of all skill levels to showcase their creativity while pushing what ARKH and augmented reality are capable of being.

What are we looking for?

ARKH is looking for curious, passionate, and excited developers interested in the Metaverse. We are looking for individuals that are experienced in building games and experiences or want a starting place to get into developing!

  1. You must be 13 years or older
  2. Basic Knowledge of Augmented Reality
  3. Previous AR Development Experience (General coding and preferably with Unity)
  4. Be Interested in engaging with the ARKH’s Development Community. This includes interacting with other developers and ARKH’s Developer Team during weekly discussions.

Developer Benefits

As a developer in this program, you will be at the forefront of revolutionizing AR experiences! Below are some key benefits of becoming a part of the developer program

  1. Free ARKH AR Dev Controller, MSRP $125.
  2. Access to ARKH’s SDK License.
  3. Be a part of history in developing the first few experiences of the metaverse.
  4. Competitions and Awards for unique developments made with ARKH.
  5. Your AR Experiences featured on ARKH social media.
  6. Direct engagement and support from ARKH internal team.

ARKH Dev Controller

The dev controllers are for developers looking to push the boundaries of our reality with new hardware.


What’s ARKH?

ARKH is a Spatial Computing company building the AR Layer of the Metaverse. Our goal is to introduce innovative software & hardware that augment the way we interact with each other, technology, & the metaverse.

What’s the ARKH Developer Program?

The developer’s program’s main initiative is to gather creative individuals on one platform. ARKH aims to help developers be a part of the ARKH community and team. It’s an opportunity for developers to learn, showcase, and engage with other passionate developers.

What is the ARKH AR Controller?

The ARKH controller is a wearable device that connects you to the metaverse. With haptic feedback, a touchpad, and your imagination, the limits to what you can achieve with this device are endless. Controller Capabilities include Motion Tracking, Last Pointer, Object Manipulation Interactions, Haptics, 3D Touch, and Bluetooth Pairing.

What platforms does ARKH support?

ARKH Developer Program uses a Unity based SDK and will support development in Unity.

Is the controller only for Developers?

While anyone can get their hands on an ARKH controller, the developer controller is exclusive to our program.

Is ARKH affiliated with Litho?

ARKH and Litho have agreed to a partnership in 2021 giving ARKH ownership to design IP for the Litho controller form factor, along with manufacturing. Litho and ARKH collaborate on new developments and visions for the future of AR hardware, such as the ARKH AR controller.

How does ARKH support Developers?

ARKH Supports developers by providing a platform to learn alongside professional developers on the ARKH team. All developers on the developer program will meet the creators of ARKH and the ARKH controller and integrate new experiences and games together.